Flight makes emergency landing after pilot gets locked out of cockpit

Door was jammed on Delta Air Lines flight to Las Vegas

Co-Pilot Lands Flight After Pilot Gets Locked out of Cockpit

A Delta Air Lines flight to Las Vegas was forced to make an emergency landing on Thursday after the pilot was locked out of the airport.

Flight 1651 from Minneapolis landed at McCarran International Airport after the cockpit door malfunctioned and the pilot was locked out.

Speaking to ABC News, passenger Jesse Dougherty said: "About half way through [the 2.5-hour flight] there seemed to be some talking at the front of the plane. You could see the captain out there. There wasn't a huge panic but some confusion."

The captain was forced to explain the situation to passengers, telling them that the door was jammed and he couldn't get back in.

Sky News reports that an airport spokesman said the situation was taken "very seriously".

Passengers applauded when the flight landed.

Earlier this month, an Air India flight was delayed for three hours after the pilot and an engineer got into a fight in the cockpit over a technical fault.

The scrap happened as 122 passengers waited in the cabin for the plane from Chennai to Paris to take off.

The pilot, Captain Manik Lal, was immediately derostered as other flight engineers staged a protest over his behaviour at Chennai airport.

Lal was frustrated with delays as ground staff tried to sort out a technical fault.

When flight engineer, V T Kannnan told him the Boeing 787 was still not ready to be handed over for flying, a fight ensued as Lal became increasingly angry with the engineers for failing to fix the fault.

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