Angry mum complains of "tasteless" food at 'UK's best restaurant'

Judy Metliss would have preferred Pret a Manger sandwich

Midsummer House michelin starred restaurant Cambridge UK

A furious mother who was treated to a Michelin-starred meal at Midsummer House in Cambridge has written a letter to the fine dining restaurant after the "burnt" and "tasteless" food failed to impress her.

Judy Metliss, 64, was taken to the restaurant, named the best in Britain for fine dining, for her birthday but after spending £191 on the seven-course taster meal and drinks she wrote a complaint letter saying: "Serving one sea scallop is Oliver Twist, I wish I'd asked for more."

Speaking to the Cambridge News, she said the beetroot was cut so thin it "consequently tasted of nothing and could well have passed for a tissue sample in a hospital to be inspected under a microscope".

Metliss had some praise for the "perfectly cooked" venison and called it the "star of the show" and "could be downed in five mouthfuls rather than two".

She said that she "didn't like being mean" but "would have preferred to go to KFC and to be honest I would have rather had a Pret a Manger sandwich".

According to the Daily Mail, chef Daniel Clifford, who appeared on the Great British Menu, was "deeply saddened" that Mrs Metliss did not enjoy the meal but said his dishes are not tasteless.

Midsummer House is the fourth best restaurant in Cambridge, according to TripAdvisor reviewers, and was named the top fine dining restaurant in the UK in the 2014 Travellers' Choice Restaurant Awards.

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