Virgin Atlantic passengers sit on plane for 6 hours before spending night at JFK Airport

Passengers stranded after Storm Juno suspends all travel in New York

Virgin Atlantic passengers sit on plane for 6 hours before spending the night at JFK

A group of Virgin Atlantic passengers were left sitting on a plane for six hours before having to spend the night at a deserted JFK airport after Storm Juno saw the cancellation of thousands of flights.

Passengers could not even leave the airport on Tuesday morning as public transport was suspended.

The travellers thought they were headed for London but ended up sleeping on the airport floor after being told in the early hours of Tuesday morning that their flight was not actually flying.

They set up camp on the airport floor after being told there was a travel ban in New York City.

Airports a Mess from Winter Storm Juno

Passengers had been left waiting to take off on the plane from its scheduled time of 6.30pm on Monday, before they were eventually told it was cancelled at 12.30am on Tuesday morning.

And by 11pm on Monday night, all taxis and vehicles had been ordered off the road, and every subway line was closed to passengers.

There had been an initial problem with a passenger taking ill, before the storm saw the cancellation of the flight.

The airline apologised for the disruption and provided customers with blankets and a $15 meal voucher.

Speaking to the NY Daily News, a Virgin spokeswoman said the flight was scheduled to depart at 6.30pm on Tuesday night.

But some passengers weren't impressed. Alexis Dehasse told the Daily Mail: "It was like a murder mystery suspense movie - no one could give us any answers.

"There was nowhere to go. No food and no water. We weren't allowed out. That threat of not being able to leave the airport... it was pretty traumatic.

"The whole thing was a mess."

He added: "They knew what was coming so they should've had extra staff on the ground,' he said. 'They should've had a contingency plan and they didn't. They weren't prepared."

One man, Felix Kunze, live-tweeted the action:

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