New app predicts likelihood of a plane crash

Am I Going Down? Flying app aims to soothe pre-flight nerves

app predicts chance of a plane crash

A new app called "Am I Going Down?" predicts a flight's chances of crashing to calm nervous flyers.

The service allows users to calculate the odds for every flight they take in the hope of calming pre-flight nerves.

According to the Business Insider, the app wants to ease nervous flyers with logic by calculating just how unlikely it is that a plane will crash, based on real flight statistics.

The service claims that the chances of crashing are one in nine million.

However, if you are flying between Hong Kong and Los Angeles with Cathay Pacific on a Boeing 777, these chances increase to one in 4,068,434, reports the Telegraph.

To calculate the final odds of "going down", simply put in your flight information and click: "Am I Going Down?"

You can select airline and aircraft models (each ranked by their safety records), along with the departure and destination details.

The service will tell you the number of years since an airline's last fatal incident and will even calculate when you can expect the next crash.

More than 10 million routes were assessed to create the app

The app can only be downloaded onto an iPhone at the moment.

Still not reassured?

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