Woman stabbed to death by squatter after return from holiday

Sandra Bainbridge found drug addict in her home after winter break in Turkey


A 70-year-old pensioner was stabbed to death by a squatter in her Derby home after returning from a winter holiday in Turkey.

Sandra Bainbridge was stabbed more than 70 times in a frenzied attack by drug addict Andrea Cutler, a court heard.

The Times reports that Cutler broke into her home and used her credit card to buy food and clothes.

When Mrs Bainbridge returned to find her she challenged her but was set upon with two knives.

Cutler denied murder but admitted manslaughter on the ground of suffering a mental disorder.

ITV News reports that Judge Gregory Dickinson, QC confined her to a secure psychiatric hospital unit for an indefinite period.

Mrs Bainbridge's family said: "Andrea Cutler is completely responsible for the terrible crime she committed.

"She was aware that she needed to take medication, but refused to do so."

Divorcée Bainbridge's partner Derek Joyner said: "Sandra's death has totally changed my life. She was a loving partner who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. On January 31 we should have been going on the holiday of a lifetime to Mexico. Instead I was attending her funeral."

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