Ten of the most awkward things passengers do on planes

Falling asleep and dribbling are just two no-nos


Woman sat on plane two men asleep on her shoulders

A new study has revealed the top 10 most awkward scenarios that Brits have encountered or witnessed whilst on a plane.

As many as three quarters of Brits have come across an awkward situation during a flight, with falling asleep on a random stranger on the plane topping the list of most commonly seen or experienced,

2,387 Britons aged 18 and over were quizzed by Jetcost about any embarrassing in-flight experiences.

The top 10 most common, most awkward in-flight scenarios witnessed were as follows:

Top 10 awkward things passengers do on a plane

Top 10 awkward things passengers do on a plane

Keeping with the theme of in-flight experiences, Expedia also recently conducted a poll asking fliers who the most annoying air passenger is. Is it the enthusiastic Landing Clapper or the over-friendly, chatty passenger sitting next to you.

Have a look at this hilarious video and watch Sir Patrick Stewart act out the worst of the worst.

And if you think passenger-shaming ends there you are greatly mistaken. Passengershaming.com is a website dedicated to just that, shaming the all those Landing Clappers and loud snackers.

Have a look at the some of those featured on the website in the gallery below...

Passengers behaving badly

Passengers behaving badly

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