Plane wreckage found on mountain in Mojave Desert

Thought to be aircraft that went missing on Tuesday

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A plane wreckage found on the side of a mountain at the edge of the Mojave Desert is thought to the aircraft that went missing on Tuesday night while en route to Nevada.

The Beechcraft Bonanza had taken off from California and was headed to Henderson, Nevada, when it is believed to have crashed into a remote section of the Clark Mountain Range in San Bernardino County.

The aircraft went off radar at about 8pm near where the wreckage was found on Wednesday morning, reports NBC Los Angeles.

Speaking to the LA Times, Major Marc Sobel of the Civil Air Patrol California said: It's a fresh crash site. They were able to see pieces of the plane, the color's right.

"It's a horrible mess honestly. It just looks like big pieces of white. It doesn't look like a plane anymore... there's no expectation of survivors."

It is believed a husband and wife were on board the plane, and that they had flown right into a storm.

The plane vanished from radar amid windy, freezing and rainy conditions around 5,000ft up the mountain.

Sobel added: "That storm moved through and they caught it."

A spokeswoman of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department said the wreckage was in "extremely rugged terrain" and that rescue workers were currently trying to figure out how to access it.

15 flights from hell

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