Watch: Kangaroo knocks woman off bike

Former Australian cricketer caught the incident on her headcam


Former Australian cricketer knocked off bike by kangaroo (video)

A former Australian national cricketer was knocked off her bike by a kangaroo - and the incident was caught on her headcam.

Bronwyn Calver, 45, was on her way home from work in Canberra when a kangaroo jumped into the cycle path in front of her.

Ms Calver was a member of the winning Australian team in the 1997 Women's Cricket World Cup. She now works at the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development in Civic.

Speaking to the Canberra Times, she said: "I commute four days a week depending on how lazy I'm being. I was on my way home from work in the on-road cycle lane coming off Capital Circle onto Adelaide Avenue.

"I saw this kangaroo about to hit my front wheel. I tried to brake and swerve but he just collected the wheel and I got thrown off over the side."

Bronwyn suffered a nasty gash in her knee, which needed stitches. She said she was lucky she was not more severely injured, and that she felt sorry for the kangaroo, which died after the incident.

The Daily Telegraph reports that she said: "I was knocked sideways onto my left side with my elbow and knee taking the brunt of the fall with my hip also sustaining some damage.

"Fortunately four cars stopped within seconds with five people offering assistance. Two rang ambulances while one woman gave me a towel to wrap around my knee (I still have the towel as it travelled to hospital with me).

"The ambulance and police arrived within five minutes. I was conveyed to hospital where I spent some seven hours in emergency waiting for treatment as there were several other major traumas being dealt with. In the end I required eight stitches for a deep gash across my left knee."

Speaking about what happened to the kangaroo, she added: "I didn't see where [the kangaroo] went, but the guy who helped me said he seemed a bit disoriented, jumped across toward the embassies and went down the gap from the overpass to state circle and a car hit him."

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