Man saves toddler in pram hurtling towards 50ft cliff drop (video)

Fisherman's quick-thinking saves boy's life

Man saves toddler in pram hurtling toward 50ft cliff drop (video)

The moment a 'hero' fisherman saved a little boy's life after his pram ran out of control has been caught on camera.

Mehmet Soysal, 35, was chatting on his phone when he saw the buggy hurtling down a hill towards a 50ft drop.

He is seen dropping his phone and standing in the path of the pram waiting to catch it.

As he grabs the pram, the two-year-old boy inside, Ali Ceyhan, goes flying out onto the tarmac next to a cliff edge in Bodrum, Turkey.

Soysal runs over and picks him up immediately to check he's ok.

According to the Mirror, shop owner Mumtaz Nas, 30, said: "It all happened so fast.

"I was chatting with my friend as the man walked towards us.

"Suddenly he turned round and the next thing I knew a pram appeared out of nowhere."

He said the boy seemed ok, but they called an ambulance to be on the safe side.

The boy's mother, Cansu Sahin, 29, said she took her hands off the pram momentarily to show her husband something, and it rolled off.

According to the NY Daily News, she added: "I can't begin to thank enough the man who saved my little boy.

"He is an absolute hero."

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