British tourist's £165k medical bill after heart attack following sex in Nevada desert

Peter Cousins airlifted to hospital after collapsing 60 miles from phone signal

British tourist's £165k medical bill after heart attack following sex in Nevada Desert

A British tourist has been left with a whopping $250,000 (£165,000) medical bill after suffering a heart attack while having sex in the Nevada desert.

Peter Cousins, 55, was travelling the world with his partner, Dawn Reed, when they started working at a cowboy ranch.

The pair found a beautiful natural hot spring while out on a work, and decided to strip off and make love.

But just moments later, Peter suffered a heart attack, and the pair were 60 miles away from a phone signal.

Dawn ran three miles before she came across a truck driver, who called emergency services on a satellite phone.

Peter was then airlifted to hospital, where doctors saved his life by putting a stent in his heart.

British tourist's £165k medical bill after heart attack following sex in Nevada Desert

He was there for five days, and when he left he was presented with a bill of £165,000.

What's more, he then had to return to the UK for further treatment, and he split up with Dawn, who stayed in the US.

According to the Daily Mail, Peter said: "It was the most expensive sex ever.

"I haven't been able to pay it off and although it's always at the back of my mind, I have no regrets.

"Yes, I will never be able to forget that I owe so much money, but it was worth it for the sex. It's always worth it."

British tourist's £165k medical bill after heart attack following sex in Nevada Desert

Peter, an artist, was living in Portugal with Dawn, when the pair set of on their round-the-world trip in April 2013.

The pair flew to America and started working as chefs on a cowboy ranch in the middle of the Nevada desert.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Peter said: "After we started working there, Dawn and I took a walk around and discovered these beautiful natural hot springs all over the place.

"We always used to sit in them and then one day we thought it would be romantic to make love in the pool. When I got up there were pains in my left arm and I just collapsed.

"We were miles from the ranch and even then, there was no phone signal to call anyone. I didn't know if I was going to make it, we were in the middle of nowhere.

"It was astounding how remote it was. There was no internet or cellular signal for miles and the nearest town was more than three hours drive away."

After his five-day stay in hospital, Peter was presented with the eye-watering bill. According to SWNS, he said: "As I was leaving the doctors asked me how I planned on paying the bill. I was thinking it would be around $5,000 but couldn't believe it when it all amounted to $250,000."

He couldn't pay the bill, and needed further treatment, so headed back to the UK. He split with Dawn in October 2014, but they remain friends.

He is still negotiating with the hospital over the bill.

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