50-metre swarm of blue jellyfish invade Australia's Gold Coast

Amazing pictures as blue jellyfish halt surfing

50-metre swarm of blue jellyfish invade Australia's Gold Coast

A huge 50-metre swarm of blue jellyfish have invaded Australia's Gold Coast.

Amazing pictures of the scene, off Narrowneck, near Brisbane, have emerged on social media sites.

One user uploaded a picture of the blue jellyfish, writing: "Yeah brother, no surfing today! #jellyfish #jellyfishseason #goldcoast #surfersparadise #aussie #australia #nof***ingway #surf #marinestingers

Photographer Grahame Long, who was at the scene, told the Mirror: "I've seen plenty of jellyfish around before but this was certainly the thickest I've ever seen."

"They were all congregated in one area."

It is thought jellyfish blew into the popular surfing spot because of strong north east winds, and are straying into shores and beaches.

Masses of Blue Jellyfish Invade Australia's Gold Coast

According to Business Insider Australia, marine biologist Paul Thomson told The Courier Mail they were a common sighting along the east coast of Australia.

He said: "Recent research shows that jellyfish numbers oscillate over time and will be abundant for several years and then not seen for several years – this bloom of jellyfish appears to be part of a recurring series of events at about this time of year in Moreton Bay."

World's strangest animals

World's strangest animals

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