Jilted fiancé who posted honeymoon on eBay dumped for third time

John Whitbread auctioned £1,800 holiday to Dominican Republic

Man Starts Online Auction For Honeymoon Replacement After Getting Dumped

A man who auctioned off a place on his honeymoon to the Dominican Republic after being dumped by his fiancée has been jilted for a third time.

John Whitbread auctioned the £1,800 on eBay and after the final bidder failed to pay the £8,000 sum, the second highest bidder pulled out of paying £7,900, the BBC reports.

'Jilted John' is now selling £10 raffle tickets for one woman to join him on the Caribbean holiday.

The money will go to charity Balls to Cancer after the draw at 7pm on Sunday 25 January.

John told the BBC that it's been "knock after knock" but he will not "let it beat me".

Earlier this week, a man who took a stranger on a round-the-world trip because she had the same name as his ex-girlfriend returned from the holiday but confirmed their was no romance between the pair.

After splitting up with his girlfriend Elizabeth Gallagher, Jordan Axani took to the internet and announced a search for a new Elizabeth Gallagher, who also had to be from Canada, to take her place on the non-transferable ticket.

Dozens of people applied but there could only be one. And the pair returned from their trip on Monday.

Elizabeth 'Quinn' Gallagher, 23, already had a long-term boyfriend before the trip, and the pair are still together.

But Quinn and Jordan had a blast. According to the Daily Telegraph, she said: "We probably got along better because we were strangers. We didn't have a relationship to break."

They met for the first time in the departure lounge on 21 December in New York. They visited Milan, Venice, Vienna, Prague, New Delhi, Khao Lak in Thailand and Hong Kong.

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