Dash cam catches police officer's hilarious lip sync to Shake It Off

Cop caught belting out Taylor Swift song


An American police officer has become an internet sensation after a hilarious clip of him lip syncing and dancing to Taylor Swift's Shake It Off was posted on YouTube.

The video has been viewed over seven million times and shows the cop singing along to the hit while on duty.

Master Corporal Jeff Davis was recorded on a police dash cam and Dover Police released the video as part of their Dash Cam Confessionals.

Davis, 48, told The Christian Science Monitor: "My daughter loves Taylor Swift and Shake It Off has been playing nonstop in my house since it came out."

"I thought that maybe it would help a little to counter all the bad feelings people have had about police over the past four months," he explained.

"But I never, in my wildest, ever, imagined it would become so popular that almost overnight we're getting calls from people in Germany who loved the video."

A police spokesman said Davis, who has been a cop in Delaware for 19 years, is "the class clown".

Social media users responded to the funny video, with one saying: "This made me smile today. great moves. :) thanks for sharing. "

Another added: "This cop will NEVER be able to live this down. If I got a ticket from this guy I would start singing this song so the whole street could hear me. "

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