Sea lion takes a dip in family pool (video)

Swimmers evacuated after animal swims in public pool


A cheeky sea lion was filmed having a swim in a family swimming pool in New Zealand on Saturday.

Swimmers were evacuated from the public pool after the animal "waddled through" reception and entered the warm water at St Clair Hot Salt Water Pool.

Supervisor Paul Swanson told the Otago Daily Times that there were around 100 swimmers at the pool when the sea lion decided to join them.

"She waddled right through reception and went into the pool."

A team from the Department of Conservation eventually managed to remove the animal, but not before a crowd took out their phones and filmed the sea lion enjoying a dip in the pool.

According to the Daily Mail, St Clair staff said a sea lion had not broken into the pool for over 10 years.

In October, a sea lion angry at being caught in a fisherman's net took its wrath out on one of the crew after being set free on the boat deck.

The distressed animal was hauled onto the fishing boat in a net and crew members rush over to cut it free.

But as they did so, the sea lion clamped its jaws round a fisherman's shoulder and hurled him across the deck.

The crew's curious dog then wandered over to see what was going on and was chased away by the animal baring its teeth.

The men eventually managed to hose the animal off their boat.

World's strangest animals

World's strangest animals

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