Plane overshoots runway after Pope leaves Philippines

Jet carrying Filipino officials blew off the runway during storm

Plane Accident on Runway After Pope Departs
A plane carrying Filipino government officials overshot the runway at Tacloban airport during stormy weather on Saturday.

The jet was hit by strong winds and blew off the runway just minutes after the Pope left the Philippines following his visit to the typhoon-hit region.

Police said the plane had difficulty taking off but no-one was injured, the BBC reports.

Pope Francis left four hours early due to an approaching storm.

Sky News reports that the Bombardier aircraft was carrying 19 VIP passengers and was pushed out of control.

Thousands of people braved the weather to catch a glimpse of the Pope in Tacloban. Before leaving, the Pope was pictured wearing a yellow poncho to protect him from the rain and waved to well-wishers after a mass.

At the mass near the airport he said that he vowed to make the trip after seeing reports of the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013.

He said: "I felt that I had to be here ... I am here to be with you, perhaps a little late, I have to say, but I am here."

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