"Frostbit" Northern Irish teen becomes viral hit after weather interview

#frostbit trending on Twitter


A Northern Irish schoolboy has become an internet sensation for his strong Derry accent after a TV interview about the cold weather.

Teenager Ruairi McSorley was walking to school through the snow, near Londonderry, when he was interviewed by UTV News.

Speaking to a reporter about the freezing conditions, he said: "You wouldn't be long getting frostbit"

Soon the hashtag #frostbit started trending on Twitter and users said the 18-year-old had the "best accent in the world".

Reporter Gareth Wilkinson, who interviewed McSorley, tweeted his reaction to the schoolboy's fame, writing: "The 'Frostbit,' boy I interviewed in Sperrins is Ruairi McSorley. That's how he talks u couldn't make him up".

A video of the interview has been viewed over 3.5 million times and shared as far as Norway and Japan.

According to ITV News, McSorley has become so popular that he has been given a spot as a live guest on Ireland's Saturday Night Show.

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