Cow escapes from moving truck without driver noticing

Animal escaped from back of vehicle on busy road in Russia


A cow managed to sneak out of the back of a truck travelling at speed on a busy road in Russia without the driver noticing.

The animal was filmed escaping from the vehicle travelling at 30mph on the snowy road.

Catherine Kibardina captured the incident using a dashboard-mounted camera and posted the clip on YouTube.

The footage shows the cow climbing out of the truck and making it onto the road. The animal then stands in the middle of the road, appearing unharmed.

The driver only discovered the cow had escaped when Kibardina caught up with his truck and alerted him.

In 2012, the moment a truck carrying a herd of cows went careering across a road and overturned, spilling all the animals onto the road was caught on camera.

Another driver's dashboard camera caught the incident, which also showed the cows standing up after the crash, seemingly unhurt.

The truck, thought to have been filmed in Russia, had no roof and the consequences of the crash could have been very different.

But, luckily, even the driver walked away unhurt.

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