Arjen Robben 'bitten by crocodile' at Bayern Munich training camp

Footballer claims his latest injury was caused by croc at Qatar camp

Arjen Robben

Footballer Arjen Robben says he was bitten by a crocodile at the Bayern Munich training ground in Doha, Qatar.

Speaking of his injury to German tabloid Bild, the Dutchman said: "When I got a ball from the hole by the pool, a crocodile bit me."

Robben was of course joking and strained his hand during weights and resistance training.

He is wearing a bandage around his "heavily bruised thumb, middle and ring fingers".

While crocodiles are not native to Qatar and it is highly unlikely that a croc would be found roaming the streets of Doha, it wouldn't be the strangest place the predator has been spotted.

In June, a dead crocodile was discovered next to a golf course in Scotland.

Animal welfare officers were baffled as to how it got there and very concerned as it seemed someone had attempted to stuff the crocodile.

Concerned passers-by contacted the Scottish SPCA to say they had spotted a reptile in a stream at Carnwath Golf Course, near Biggar in South Lanarkshire.

Officers initially thought it was a prank but found it was actually a four-and-a-half foot long dead crocodile, which someone had apparently tried to stuff.

The creature was later identified as a West African dwarf crocodile.

The charity says it does not know how old the protected animal was or how it died.

And in 2013, police in the Costa del Sol were on the hunt for a crocodile which was terrifying tourists in a Spanish resort.

Later that year, a tourist in Cancun, Mexico, sued a golf resort after a crocodile bit off three of his fingers.

World's deadliest animals

World's deadliest animals

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