Policeman hit by drink driver cheats death by clinging on to bonnet

Woman mows officer down after he pulls her partner over

Policeman hit by drink driver cheats death by clinging on to bonnet

A policeman has survived a hit by a drink driver - by clinging onto the bonnet for dear life.

Leonardo Tabares pulled over a man for a traffic offence in Colombia, but could not have predicted that the man's partner would then take over the wheel and run him over.

The man can be seen clinging onto the car as the woman speeds off in Medellin, before crashing into a motorbike at a traffic light.

Other motorists crowd round the car to prevent it from moving off again.

Tabares said he found the strength to hold on as she ran a series of red lights. He added: "I begged her to stop and let me get down but she just went even faster."

He is now recovering at home with his children, who say he is lucky to be alive.

According to the Mirror, Bibiana Jimenez has appeared in court charged with attempted murder of the father-of-two.

She is facing up to 20 years in jail if convicted of attempted homicide.

Just last week, the moment a man was sent flying through the air after being hit by a car in Iran was caught on camera.

The man was seen leaving his house and heading to his car. He bent down to unlock his vehicle, when a car seemingly came out of nowhere and smashed into him.

The man was sent hurtling through the air as passersby looked on in horror.

The pedestrian miraculously survived the incident, and is in a stable condition in hospital after suffering three fractured bones, in his arm, leg and back.

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