'Is this the real world'? Jeremy Clarkson struggles on the train

Jeremy braves public transport from London to Leeds

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Anyone would think this was Jeremy Clarkson's first time on a train. Or maybe it actually was?

But during a trip from London to Leeds the Top Gear star seemed wholly unimpressed with it, sharing a picture of his co-presenter James May with him on the train, writing on Twitter: "Is this the real world?"

On Monday, he told his Twitter fans: "Anyway, as the weather is dreadful, I shall be using something called a "train" this evening. I shall let you know if it goes like one."

He spent £379 on is return ticket to Leeds, and wrote: "I think I've just bought the whole train."

For a while he seemed quite impressed with "this thing called a train", sharing: "This train is amazing. It's the future. I'm already 90 miles from London."

But then he hit a snag in the form of not getting off at the right time.

He wrote: "The train is going backwards. S**t. I think I'm on the wrong bit of it. It's going back to London.

"Seriously, it went into Leeds forwards. There was an announcement. I didn't listen. And now my bit of the train is heading south again."

Then he joked: "When I bought my ticket, I expected to spend a day or two in The North. Not just bounce off it."

But he apparently got there in the end, writing: "We are now reversing into my destination. slower than a car, and a lot more expensive. And you can't smoke. Not sure trains work."

Better stick to those fast cars then, Jeremy.

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