Video: Crazy bus driver leaves wheel to dance in aisle at 70mph

He was stripped of his licence after the reckless stunt


A bus driver in Turkey shocked passengers when he left the wheel to dance in the aisle while the vehicle travelled at 70mph on a busy motorway.

Passengers captured the madness on video and the footage soon went viral.

Driver Metin Kandemir has since been arrested, fined and stripped of his licence, reports the Mirror.

The video shows Kandemir twice leaving the driver's seat unmanned to dance in the aisle of the 12-tonne single decker bus.

The footage shows him singing and clapping along to the song playing on the radio.

The dangerous incident took place in Istanbul, Turkey.

Kandemir,34, later apologised, saying: "It was a mistake. I apologise to everyone. I will not repeat it. The road was empty at the time. This is the first time I've ever done it."

However, judges heard that he had 32 previous convictions for traffic offences, reports the Daily Mail.

He was fined £45 for reckless driving and revoked his bus driver's licence for two years.

Police spokesman Kaan Tore said: "He's lucky not to be in prison. He could have killed everyone in that bus and worse."

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