Pedestrian miraculously survives hit by drink driver that sends him flying (video)

Crash in Iran caught on camera

Pedestrian miraculously survives hit by drunk driver that sends him flying (video)

The moment a man was sent flying through the air after being hit by a car in Iran has been caught on camera.

The man is seen leaving his house and heading to his car.

He bends down to unlock his vehicle, when a car seemingly comes out of nowhere and smashes into him

The man is sent hurtling through the air as passersby look on in horror.

According to the Daily Mail, the horrific incident took place in Amol, Iran.

The pedestrian miraculously survived the incident, and is in a stable condition in hospital after suffering three fractured bones, in his arm, leg and back.

According to Live Leak, the owner of the mini-market, Hashem Bena, was fast asleep when his CCTV recorded the footage of the incident, which occurred at around 2am.

He released the video to remind people of the dangers of drink driving, and how it can destroy the lives of innocent people in just seconds.

The video garnered hundreds of responses on Live Leak, with one user writing: "This is why we travel by bike in the Netherlands so much - worst thing you accidentally ride into the canal."

Another said: "Under the law, it is forbidden for Iran's Muslim citizens to have alcoholic drink. However there is open violation of the law. Alcohol drinking is so widespread that Iranians are the third highest consumers of alcohol in Muslim-majority Middle Eastern countries, behind Lebanon and Turkey (in both of which it is legal to drink), with an annual per capita consumption of 1.02 litres."

The world's most dangerous roads

The world's most dangerous roads

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