25 passengers detained after opening emergency exits on plane

Two China Eastern passengers jailed after row over air conditioning

Passengers detained after opening emergency exit on plane

A China Eastern plane was cancelled on Saturday after frustrated passengers reportedly opened three emergency exits.

Passengers on board the plane at Kunming Changsui International airport in China were angry with the crew for turning off the air-conditioning during the de-icing process ahead of take-off.

25 passengers were detained for opening three emergency exits as the plane was pushing back from the gate, reports CNN.

The flight, which was bound for Beijing, was already seven hours behind schedule due to the weather and had to be cancelled as a result of the disruption.

The snowy weather caused more than 100 flights to be delayed or cancelled at Kunming airport.

There were 153 passengers on board.

After sitting on the plane for two hours, a number of passenger became increasingly frustrated.

According to police, members of a tour group started arguing with the crew when the pilot explained that the air-conditioning needed to be turned off during the 30-minute de-icing process.

Authorities said a male member of the group, prompted by a female tour guide, opened two exits on the right side.

Both were sent to jail for 15 days.

Police are still investigating who opened the exit on the left side of the plane.

The rest of the passengers continued on to Beijing aboard a separate flight, reports Fox News.

China's National Tourism Administration said it fully supported the police action and said it had ordered its Beijing and Kunming offices to carry out further investigations, suggesting more passengers could be implicated.

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