Fisherman kills huge crocodile that ate his pregnant wife

Man hunts down giant crocodile and spears it to death

Fisherman kills huge crocodile that ate his pregnant wife

A fisherman has hunted down and killed a giant crocodile that ate his wife, who was eight months pregnant.

Mubalak Batambuze, 56, had been searching for the crocodile since it killed Dementilia Nabwire on the shores of Lake Kyogain in eastern Uganda on Sunday morning.

Locals found the slippers she was wearing, along with a number of toes and fingers, at the spot where she was attacked.

Her husband has now found the crocodile, said to be 7.5 metres long and weighing more than 157 stones, and killed it with a spear.

According to, Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) official Peter Ogwang said: "I sent my people there, and they found human bones and clothes in the crocodile's stomach.

"We believe this was the same animal that killed the woman."

According to the Daily Telegraph, locals are now hailing Mubalak a hero as it is believed the same crocodile has killed six other people.

The paper adds that around 30 Ugandans are killed by crocodiles every year, and attacks on humans are on the increase, as overfishing is leaving the crocodiles' food sources depleted.

World's deadliest animals

World's deadliest animals

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