Teen electrocuted after attempting 'ultimate selfie' on top of train

Boy fighting for life after receiving 90% burns on train in Mumbai

Teen electrocuted after attempting 'ultimate selfie' on top of train

A boy's desire to get the ultimate selfie on top of a train has left him fighting for his life.

Ganesh Kumkumawati, 16, had 250,000 volts sent through his body after he accidentally touch an electric cable on top of a train at the Jogeshwari railway yard in Mumbai.

He was with two of his friends when the incident occurred. According to the Mirror, his horrified friend, Shah Roshan, 17, said: "Ganesh was on top of the train when he touched the wire and collapsed in an explosion of light and smoke.

"We climbed up to see if he was okay and saw his whole body was black and his clothes were burning there was smoke coming from his skin.

"It was absolutely horrible."

Teen electrocuted after attempting 'ultimate selfie' on top of train

The on-duty station superintendent, B T Sharma, told mid-day.com: "I had seen the boys taking pictures on the tracks, but when we try to stop such groups from entering the yard, they argue and fight with us instead of going away. Hence, I didn't pay much attention to them and went into my office."

He said a group of children who had been playing nearby saw the incident and rushed into his office to tell him. Sharma then called emergency services and the police.

Ganesh was rushed to hospital with 90 per cent burns and is in a critical condition.

Railway official Attar Singh told mid-day.com: "The youngster's body was completely blackened and there was smoke emanating from it. His clothes were also tattered from the shock. To my surprise, when I tried to talk to him, he managed to tell me his name as well as give me his father's contact details."

His parents rushed to the hospital and were left feeling "helpless and shocked", added Singh.

The boy's father said they'd had no idea that he was at the yard and had believed he was shopping for clothes.

A doctor from the KEM hospital said: "He has sustained 90% burn injuries and his condition is critical. We are trying our best to stabilise him."

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