Yoga holidays: best destinations around the world

Unique destinations for yoga fans in 2015

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If your New Year's resolution is to get fit and relax with yoga in 2015, you can go beyond your local community centre by stretching and om-ing in some of the most beautiful corners of the world.

India, Andalusia and Bali are popular destinations for yogis spending a week at a retreat but if you're after something different yet still inspiring, Abu Dhabi, the Swiss Alps and the Maldives may be the unique yoga holiday destinations for you.

As if the Maldives wasn't idyllic enough, one resort is allowing you to get even closer to the sparkling sea by putting your cat stretch into practice on a sandbank. If the sea really takes your fancy and you'd like a challenge, head for the Greek island of Skiathos to try the bridge pose on a paddleboard. Egypt's Red Sea offers you the chance to learn how to integrate a meditative, holistic attitude into the enjoyment of diving with underwater yoga.

Back on land, you can experience yoga, game drives and pampering on an African safari in Tanzania's Serengeti National Park. And you probably never imagined sitting cross-legged with your eyes closed in a Greek amphitheatre but in Mykonos you can soak up the sunshine and positive vibes in the unusual yoga setting.

Whether you're looking for ultimate bliss or added adventure, these incredible yoga destinations will make for a healthy holiday like no other in 2015.

Incredible places to do yoga

Incredible places to do yoga

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