Healthy New Year holidays: Perfect places to detox in 2015

The best spa, fitness and yoga retreats

Sunset yoga woman on sea coast.

After overindulging at Christmas, we're only too happy to start 2015 with a healthy body and mind to blow away the cobwebs. But forget joining the local gym, as there are sunnier, more scenic places to detox. Start the year on a holiday where can get fit and healthy while taking advantage of being on holiday: think yoga by the sea, power walks on the beach and relaxing in the spa or in the pool.

Ideal for getting you motivated at the start of the year, a detox holiday allows you to learn new skills (like cooking nutritional meals), while transporting you to faraway lands where you can take part in exciting activities that don't involve getting sweaty in the gym!

A yoga or fitness retreat isn't all about toning up and tiring yourself out, as they normally offer excellent spa facilities for you to relax and fully indulge in your escape.

Turkey, Italy and Bali are fantastic destinations for a detox holiday, while the UK offers scenic spots too. For 2015, we're dreaming of meditating in a tropical jungle in the Philippines, skiing with yoga in the French Alps and salsa dancing on a beach break in Mexico.

Whether you're after a New Year boot camp, a yoga retreat or simply a spa hotel to relax for a few days, we've picked the best healthy retreats for weight loss, fitness and utter bliss...

Where to blow away the cobwebs

Where to blow away the cobwebs

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