Gordon Ramsay taking action over 'Ransay' restaurant in Tenerife

Celebrity chef says he receives thousands of complaints about eaterie

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Gordon Ramsay is trying to shut down a restaurant that he says is trading on his name in Tenerife.

Gordon "Ransay's" Cocktail Lounge Bar and Restaurant in Puerto Colon, has been trading for around four years.

The celebrity chef believes it is misleading British tourists to think the eaterie is backed by him, and receives a host of complaints about the establishment, which offers cheap and apparently not-so-cheerful food.

According to the Telegraph, Gordon said: "We are taking immediate steps to ensure it does not continue to infringe our intellectual property rights."

"We get thousands of complaints about this restaurant called Gordon Ramsay in Tenerife selling a full English with extra bacon at e4.95."

Ramsay's spokeswoman said lawyers were still looking into how they can take action.

She said: "Through our London based lawyers we have instructed local lawyers who our pursuing the legal options available to us to protect our rights.

"As this is an ongoing legal matter I cannot comment further at this time."

A recent review, posted on Christmas Day, said the restaurant offered "the worst food on the island", adding: "Meals arrived suspiciously quickly. Child was served chicken nuggets that were liquid inside, all of the meat in the meals was reheated and terrible quality.

"Avoid if you value your health. Obviously nothing to do with Mr Ramsay."

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