British couple stranded on NY trip after baby arrives early facing £130k medical bill

Couple on four-day holiday could be stranded for 3 months

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A British couple on a four-day trip to New York will now have to stay there for three months - after their baby was born 11 weeks early.

Katie Amos, 30, went into labour on the morning of 28 December during a sightseeing trip with partner Lee Johnston, 29.

The couple, from Lincolnshire, then welcomed son Dax, who weighted in at just 3lb.

Doctors have warned them they will not be able to fly home to Britain until March, leaving them stranded in NY with little clothes or money.

They have been told their medical bills could reach £130k.

Speaking to the Mirror, Lee said: "The good news is Dax is doing really well.

"The only problem is we aren't sure if our insurance covers the medical bill.

"We just really want to get home but the main thing is Dax is as safe and as well as possible."

According to the Grimsby Telegraph, Lee's brother Dean said: "They were on a movie tour when Katie felt a bit funny. They went back to the hotel, called a local doctor and then went to the hospital.

"Two contractions later and he was here!

"It is a huge shock but we are so excited and pleased that Katie and the baby are doing so well."

He added: "The hospital have been fantastic and have arranged accommodation for Katie who has been discharged and Lee indefinitely, until they are able to fly home.

"The family are in discussions of when we are going to fly over to see them."

Lee's close friend Richard Crow said his friends and family are now rallying around to raise funds for the couple.

A collection and sponsorship form is available at the reception of New Era Gym Heath Road, Beaubridges Industrial Estate, where Lee works as a personal trainer.

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