Ryanair falls for 'emotional baggage' joke on Twitter

Airline responds to comedian's sarcastic tweet


Ryanair falls for 'emotional baggage' joke on Twitter

Ryanair appear to have fallen for a comedian's joke about baggage charges.

Ryan Hand tweeted a gag about Ryanair, and got a response from the airline almost immediately.

He wrote: "What a disgrace, there's a woman crying at the @Ryanair check in desk who's been made to pay more for emotional baggage."

Ryanair then replied: "Hi Ryan, which airport is this happening at?"

An incredulous Ryan then took to Twitter again, writing: "I can't believe @Ryanair have just fallen for this joke LOL retweet!!!"

Other users laughingly commented on the misunderstanding, with one writing: "Looks like they've made a RyanError."

According to the Irish Examiner, another one said: "You do realise that's now going in the corporate suggestions scheme!!"

Speaking to the Mirror, Ryanair said: "As the fastest responding airline on Twitter in Europe, we pride ourselves on the speed of our customer service.

"We apologise for temporary technical difficulties with our sarcasm detector today."

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