Surf shop posts "horrific" picture of 'unicorn washed up on beach'

Pembrokeshire shop Newsurf forced to apologise over Facebook post


A surf shop in Pembrokeshire upset its Facebook fans when it posted a photo of a dead pony washed up on a beach with a horn Photoshopped onto its head.


The fake image was intended to be light-hearted but angry animal lovers responded that it wasn't "funny" and "sick to do".

The post read: "We see all sorts of things get washed up on our beach. Seals, porpoises, fish, marine litter, but never did we even dream of seeing a unicorn."

Newsurf later removed the photo and said: "Apologies for any upsets caused from our previous photo posted this morning. The authority's were informed as soon as we knew, and the pony is being picked up tonight."

According to Western Telegraph, Darren John, commenting on the post, said: "Really bad advertising and a horrific picture... A washed up dead horse on a beach isn't really that funny to me."

Another user Claire Moore said: "What a sick thing to do. And yes, I do have a sense of humour! This is neither funny, clever or cool."

Katie Hawkins added: "This is disgusting and in extremely bad taste. This poor pony belonged to someone, most likely a child and you have photo-shopped a horn onto it to advertise your business. You should be ashamed of yourselves."

The Mirror reports that Newsurf owner Bruce Sanderson said: "We often take photographs of things that wash up on the beach. The pony washed up in the morning."

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