Woman jumps in front of train after discovering husband is a paedophile

Jenny Mullinger jumped to her death after secret revealed

Woman throws herself in front of train after discovering husband is a paedophile

A woman was left so devastated after finding out her husband was a paedophile, that she threw herself in front of a train.

Jenny Mullinger, 62, killed herself after discovering her husband, David, had sexually abused a nine-year-old girl.

David was originally arrested at Bristol Golf Club after the victim told her mum about the incident.

He initially denied the accusation, but two days later called the police and pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assail on a child under 13, reports Sunday World.

David was convicted at Bristol Crown Court, jailed for three years, and placed on an indefinite Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

Mrs Mullinger could not live with the revelations, and walked in front of a train between Yate Station and Wickwar tunnel, near Briston.

She was pronounced dead at the scene at 8am on 16 September.

According to the Mirror, Virginia Cornwall, defending, said of Mr Mulligan: "He feels the impact daily. He suffers himself daily.

"He bears responsibility and knows the consequences such as the loss of his wife.

"She took her own life and that has impacted on everyone for the rest of their lives."

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