Hart in Hampshire remains Britain's best place to live

Fourth year in a row that posh district tops the Halifax quality of life survey


The picturesque district of Hart in Hampshire has been named the UK's most desirable place to live for the fourth time in a row.

Residents in Hart enjoy the best quality of life and are found to be the healthiest, live the longest and earn the best wages, according to the annual Halifax quality of life survey.

The study looked at jobs, housing, health, crime, traffic, weather and broadband access.

Hart boasts vast open spaces of heathland, the country's largest freshwater lake and is the least deprived area in England.

According to the BBC, the average weekly wage is £839, a third more than the UK average of £629, but the average house price is nearly seven and a half times the typical local income.

The Independent reports that those who live in Hart also bask in 32.5 hours of sunshine per week compared to the national average of 29.5 hours.

Elmbridge, Winchester and Rutland made the top 10 list, while nowhere in Wales, Northern Ireland or South West England made the top 50 list.

The UK's 10 most desirable places to live

1. Hart, Hampshire
2. Elmbridge, Surrey
3. Winchester, Hampshire
4. Rutland, East Midlands
5. Chiltern, Buckinghamshire
6. Uttlesford, Essex
7. South Northamptonshire
8. Rushcliffe, Nottinghamshire
9. Wokingham, Berkshire
10. Waverley, Surrey

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