Tourist killed in hot air balloon crash in Turkey

One dead and 9 injured in Turkey hot air balloon crash

Tourist killed in hot air balloon crash in Turkey

A tourist has been killed and nine others injured in a hot air balloon crash in Turkey.

The balloon was carrying Malaysian and Chinese tourists over the Guvercinlik Valley in Cappadocia when it came down on Wednesday morning.

According to the BBC, the balloon had taken off from Goreme in Nevsehir province in Central Anatolia.

The cause of the accident has not yet been identified, but, according to ABC News, the region's governor, Mehmet Ceylan, said a sudden change of wind direction appeared to have caused the balloon to make a rough landing.

The site adds that dozens of hot air balloons carry tourists for early-morning flights every day to catch the sunrise over the area's famous landscape of volcanic cones and subterranean cities.

Back in May 2013, three Brazilian tourists were killed after two hot air balloons collided mid-air in Turkey, also injuring 22 people.

The accident also occurred in the popular tourist destination of Cappadocia.

The accident happened when one of the balloon's envelope ripped open after colliding with the basket of another balloon mid-air.

Joanne Rowley, an Australian on holiday in Turkey with her husband a the time, told the BBC: "It fell straight down to the ground. It was just horrendous to see.

"You could see that people weren't going to survive. I still feel quite shaken from the experience."

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