Passenger opens plane door 'to get some fresh air'

First-time flyer didn't realise the danger as he opened plane door


Passenger opens plane door 'to get some fresh air'

A first-time flyer caused concern on a recent flight when he opened the plane's emergency exit door - to get some fresh air.

The man opened the door on a flight from Xiamen Air flight from Hangzhou to Chengdu, just as the plane was preparing for takeoff, reports the Metro.

Other passengers alerted cabin crew, but not before catching the moment on camera.

Video footage of the scene was uploaded to YouTube, while other passengers posted pics to social media.

The video showed that the inflatable emergency chute was deployed after the man opened the door.

The South China Morning Post said one passenger wrote online: "It's my first time seeing a passenger open the safety door. He told the attendants he just wanted some fresh air ... hope our flight won't be delayed for too long."

The airline said it did not plan to penalise the man because he had not meant any harm.

According to the Guardian, an airline employee told the Southern Metropolis Daily newspaper: It was the first time he had flown.

"He did not cause delays or any other direct losses to the airline."

Back in April, a Ryanair passenger tried to open an emergency exit as his plane prepared for takeoff at Prestwick Airport in Scotland.

The flight, heading for Italy, was then delayed as a baggage check took place while passengers waited on board.

One passenger said that the man was "overpowered" but it wasn't clear if this was by cabin crew or passengers, reports

The man had reportedly suffered a panic attack and, while Police Scotland were made aware of the incident, no arrests were made.

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