Humpback whales in feeding frenzy (amazing pictures)

Incredible photos show humpback whales feeding in Alaska

humpback whales

A dozen humpback whales were captured emergng from the water during a feeding frenzy in Alaska.

The magnificent creatures broke the surface of the sea to swallow large pockets of herring.

Jon Cornforth, 42, from Seattle, took the remarkable images during a tour of Alaska's Inside Passage in August this year.

Humpback whales

While sailing on the boat Jon came across the herd of humpbacks working together to feed.

The pod worked as a team to dive beneath a school of herring and force the meal towards the surface - making sounds and blowing a stream of bubbles towards the fish. Words: Barcroft

humpback whales

As they rise the whales swim to the surface with their mouthes open to collect the herring - breaking head first into the air in a practice known as bubble feeding.

Jon said: "I have observed humpbacks repetitively breach 25 or more times over the course of an hour, but most often they breach a few times and then stop.

"The exciting thing about photographing the whales bubble-feeding is that they will feed every five to ten minutes for hours at a time, so they are constantly on the surface."

humpback whales

"They are unpredictable in their direction and behaviors, so I have to be very patient until they do something interesting or come surprisingly close.

"Over the many years that I have spent observing them feed in Alaska, I have experienced a few very close attacks that are, shall we say, exhilarating moments, though, not usually photographically productive."

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