Tourist pulled over for driving with kayak strapped cross-ways on car roof

Police said "driver was unrepentant" and didn't want to damage his car

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A holidaymaker in New Zealand stunned police officers who caught him driving with a kayak positioned cross-ways on the roof of his car.

The tourist was stopped on State Highway 25A between Kopu and Hikuai on Sunday.

According to, Inspector Freda Grace said: "Regardless that this is a busy, winding rural road already subject to busier-than-usual traffic flows over the summer, the driver was unrepentant.

"[He told] the officer that stopped him that if he secured the kayak long-ways as he is supposed to it would cause damage to the roof of his car."

She added: "To make matters worse the Tairua officer was already on her way to a vehicle crash and this driver's behaviour could very easily have caused another. Imagine if he's encountered a cyclist driving like this?"

Eight out of ten drivers on Coromandel roads are reportedly from overseas at this time of year. reports that a Canadian man and his wife are in hospital after a car crash on Saturday in Athenree Gorge.

Six people were injured and a 16-year-old girl was left with serious injuries.

Earlier this year in the UK, two surfboards flew off a car roof and hit a passenger in a convertible car travelling behind in North Devon.

The car crash left six people injured, including the driver of the Triumph Spitfire convertible, whose injuries were described as life changing.

A Peugeot 206 and a Renault Megane were involved in the crash on the A361 North Devon link road.

According to the Cornish Guardian, when the surf boards crashed into the Triumph Spitfire it swerved and collided with the Renault driving in the opposite direction.

The driver and passenger of the convertible were airlifted to hospital.

Strange driving laws around the world

Strange driving laws around the world

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