Plane passengers scald flight attendant with hot water and noodles

Four passengers in seat row also threatened to blow up plane

Plane passengers scald flight attendant with hot water and noodles

Chinese authorities said they will severely punish four Chinese passengers who caused chaos on Thai AirAsia flight - because they couldn't sit together.

The passengers became irate on a flight from Bangkok to Nanjing, and one scalded a flight attendant by throwing hot water and noodles at her, while another threatened to blow up the plane.

According to the Daily Mail, the flight was forced to return to Bangkok after the female flight attendant was assaulted with the hot water.

According to Channel News Asia, The China Daily, which is published by the government, said the group behaved like "barbarians", writing: "They believed that behaving like barbarians would get them what they wanted, forgetting that civility demands that a fellow human being be treated as an equal.

"The incident should serve as a lesson not just for the four culprits, but also for all Chinese to behave properly to get respect."

The paper adds that China's National Tourism Administration said the passengers would be "severely punished".

Su Haopeng, vice dean of the Law School at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing told the Global Times: "The administration's move should be encouraged.

"It is the first time they have clearly stipulated that public behaviour should be not only punished by law, but also regulated by a record system."

The passengers paid 50,000 Thai baht (around £965) in compensation to the air hostess who was scalded.

According to the Times of India, a statement from the airline said. "An unidentified female passenger assaulted the flight attendant with the hot liquid after becoming dissatisfied with the service.

"The captain of the flight decided to return the plane to Don Mueang Airport deeming her actions as endangering to other passengers and impeding in-flight service."

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