UK weather: Britain set for warm spell

Chances of white Christmas reduced as balmy temperatures predicted

Hyde Park Winter Sunshine

Parts of Britain are expected to see balmy weather in the middle of next week, with temperatures set to hit 13C on Wednesday.

After days of freezing weather, Londoners will enjoy some respite when temperatures reach 6C higher than the average for December.

Paul Mott, from weather forecaster MeteoGroup, told The Huffington Post that temperatures at the start and end of next week will be around the seasonal average of 4C (39.2F) to 7C (44.6F) in central and southern areas, but the middle of the week will see a short-lived spike.

He said: "On Wednesday temperatures will be up to 13C (55.4F) in the London area and it will be mild in the South from the middle of the week. Around 7C (44.6F) is the average at this time of year in the London area. 13C (55.4F) is above average but not unusual for this time of year, but it will be a lot milder than we have seen recently."


Alex Burkill, a forecaster at the Met Office, told Metro: "It's going to be much milder than it has been of late for many parts."

He said temperatures today (Sunday) could reach double figures in some areas and the South West could enjoy 11C, while London sees 9C, possibly 10C.

Clear and sunny weather is expected for next week, but temperatures will drop below freezing at times.

Leon Brown at The Weather Channel tells AOL Travel: "Next week will start cold with frosts, but will be mainly dry. It will be mild, wet and windy by mid-week before it turns colder again with wintry showers over the North. West then northwest gales are likely again over the North on Thursday and Friday and blizzards for the Scottish Highlands."

Mr Brown adds: "The unsettled and often windy weather pattern continues to Christmas with colder weather for the North and hill snow, while less cold over the South."

Cosy winter cottages in the UK

Cosy winter cottages in the UK

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