Michael Schumacher 'dropped by £4m a year sponsors' as he recovers from ski accident

F1 legend dumped by big sponsors

F1 Schumacher

Formula One champion Michael Schumacher has been dropped by wealthy sponsors following a ski accident in France almost a year ago which left him in a coma, according to a Swiss news website.

Fashion companies Navyboot and Jet Set have reportedly cut ties with the 45-year-old who is recovering but is said to be "paralysed and wheelchair-bound".

A spokeswoman for Phillipe Gaydoul, who owns the fashion firms, confirmed the decision to end the contract with the racing driver after paying him £4 million a year.

News website Bluewin reported: "It is not easy for Schumacher's sponsors: paying out millions of Swiss francs per year and receiving nothing back since the crash.

"But must they separate in this situation from the Formula 1 legend? It is a balancing act: On the one hand, the sponsors must pursue economic objectives, which point towards for a parting. On the other hand it will not be well received in public if you are turning your back on Schumacher at this difficult time."

The Daily Mail reports that German mineral water company Rosbacher ended its contract with Schumacher earlier this year.

Meanwhile Mercedes and wealth management firm DVAG have promised to stand by the recovering star.

Last month, former racing driver Philippe Streiff said Schumacher, who is now being cared for at his home in Switzerland, is paralysed.

Speaking on French radio, the Frenchman who is a friend of Schumacher's said: "He is getting better but everything is relative. It's very difficult. He can't speak. Like me, he is in a wheelchair paralysed. He has memory problems and speech problems."

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