Man falls 40ft off cliff in Norfolk and survives

49-year-old managed to call 999 after slipping from footpath at Hunstanton

Caution beware of cliff falls sign at Hunstanton, Norfolk, England

A 49-year-old man survived after falling 40ft off a cliff at Hunstanton in north Norfolk.

The man slipped from a footpath off Golf Course Road in Old Hunstanton at around midnight on Friday.

According to ITV News, he managed to call 999 and was taken to hospital. He was treated for a suspected broken arm, cuts and bruises.

Fire crews using an aerial ladder assisted police with the rescue, EDP24 reports.

In September, a camper fell 60ft off a cliff when he sleepwalked while on a camping trip in America's Red River Gorge.

Ryan Campbell, 27, was saved by a rhododendron bush after falling.

He said: "I was sure I was dead, or at least severely messed up. You don't think you're going to fall that far and walk away from it."

Campbell was camping with friends at the Kentucky beauty spot when he fell asleep in a hammock. His friends saw him get up in the early morning and sleepwalk off the cliff.

Luckily he escaped with no life-threatening injuries.

Campbell was left with a head injury, a dislocated shoulder and a fractured leg.

World's scariest walks

World's scariest walks

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