50,000 crows invade US town

Residents of Springfield, Ohio, compare scene to Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds


50,000 crows invade US town

A US town has been overrun with up to 50,000 crows in what has been compared to scenes from Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 thriller The Birds.

Springfield, Ohio, has been swamped with the crows, which have been causing health and safety fears.

Businesses have been deploying noise machines in a bid to get rid of them, as well as using laser pointers to shoo them away, reports the Daily Telegraph.

There are a large number of crows in the state, and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources said they move south as winter progresses.

It's not the first time the town has been invaded by the crows, and it's thought the clean-up cost after they leave is around $10,000 annually.

The bird droppings are thought to pose a potential hazard as they are making the pavements slippery.

Springfield resident Maxie Loche told ABC22: "The droppings - I just think about how unsanitary it is and I think of the bird flu, it's kind of scary."

She added: "Last night I was walking down the road here and there were thousands of crows sitting on the tree branches, it was kind of scary."

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