Brummies and Scousers have worst accents in the British Isles, says poll

Southern Irish accent is most attractive

Southern irish accent best in British Isles

A poll conducted by YouGov found that Scousers, Brummies and Mancunians have the ugliest accents in the British Isles.

The study asked British adults to say whether they think each of the 12 main accents of the British Islas are attractive of unattractive.

The accents include: Southern Irish, Received Pronunciation, Welsh, Yorkshire, West Country, Geordie (Newcastle), Northern Irish, Glaswegian (Glasgow), Cockney (London), Mancunian (Manchester), Scouse (Liverpool) and Brummie (Birmingham).

The Birmingham accent was voted the least attractive with 67% finding it unattractive and just 14% deeming it attractive giving it a score of -52.

The Scouse accent was the second lowest with a score of -33, followed by the Manchester accent with a score of -31.

The Southern Irish accent was voted the most attractive accent with a score of 42.

This is 11 points more than second place; the standard accent of mainly the Southern areas of Britain – Received Pronunciation, or 'BBC English'.

According to the poll, the Southern Irish accent is well-known worldwide largely due to emigration.

The poll also added that there is a tendency to like ones own accent. Londoners score cockney net -16, while overall it is disliked by -30.

See the full poll results here.

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