Cardiff's Winter Wonderland: Mid-air terror as carriages crash on Sky Ride

200ft-high carriages smash into each other on Sky Ride


Mid-air terror as carriages crash on Sky Ride at Cardiff's Winter Wonderland (video)

The moment carriages on the 198ft-high Sky Ride at Cardiff's Winter Wonderland smashed into each other has been caught on camera.

The swings, suspended by four cables, knocked into each other during the ride, which was filmed by shocked onlookers on the ground.

It is believed that empty carriages were being blown out of control by strong winds and knocking into occupied ones.

According to the Independent, a video clip was posted on Facebook by Leanne Williams, who was on the ride at the time, and said: "Just a warning to any one who goes to Winter Wonderland (Cardiff) be aware of this ride.

"Watch and see what happens, scariest moment of my life."

After the carriages crashed into each other, the ride was immediately stopped, and passengers were left dangling.

Sayers Amusements, which operates the ride, said there was no fault and that the ride had shut down automatically in strong winds on Friday.

It said the wind had not exceeded the speed limit when the ride started, which is 10m per second, and that the ride shut down when gusts picked up momentum.

Speaking to Wales Online, the operator said: "It took less than five minutes to get all gondolas unloaded.

"No one was hurt as the safety system was working correctly at all times, and a full explanation was given to everyone on the ride, and they were all given a full refund, and all stayed on site for a while afterwards."

Cardiff Council has said it has received reassurance that a similar incident will not occur on the ride.

World's scariest theme park rides

World's scariest theme park rides

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