Turtle evades hungry tiger shark by swimming in circles (video)

Clever reptile filmed savings itself from predator's jaws


A clever sea turtle was filmed swimming in circles to avoid being eaten by a hungry tiger shark.

The rare footage, filmed off the Coco Islands near Costa Rica, shows the reptile swimming on its side to make itself too big for the predator's mouth.

By swimming in circles it confuses the shark and helps it escape from being killed.

Scientist Randall Arouz, who filmed the video, told the Daily Telegraph: "The turtles have to have certain strategies to avoid being eaten.

"Firstly, the shark will swim at it, mouth wide open horizontally and its teeth can puncture the shell.

"To balance this, the turtle will turn on its side, creating a shield and making it too big for the jaws.

"Secondly, it stays near so the shark can't turn sharp enough to catch the turtle."

According to the Daily Mail, Arouz, who is president of conservation group Pretoma Marine Life Discovery, witnessed the amazing scene while surveying the ocean but said it was difficult to film as the water was choppy.

In July, a sea turtle showed its gratitude to a diver who rescued him from a fishing net by giving him a hug.

Cameron Dietrich and Colin Sutton spotted the trapped turtle while spear fishing for tuna off Mexico's coast.

Dietrich dived in and untangled the rope - possibly part of a fishing net - from around the turtle's flipper.

Using a dive knife, Dietrich carefully cut away the tangle of rope and netting that had wrapped itself around a front fin, while Sutton helped the turtle to float.

Once free, the sea turtle turned and began to swim away but then he changed its mind and swam up face to face with Dietrich with his nose just inches away, allowing the diver to gently hold him.

Britain's amazing sea life

Britain's amazing sea life

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