Rail replacement bus loses its roof after crashing into railway bridge

Trains suspended after crash


A rail replacement bus lost its roof when it crashed into a railway bridge in Wirral on Saturday.

The crash caused Merseyrail trains to be suspended and social media users took to Twitter to post photos of the bus with its roof ripped off.

Liverpool Echo reports that after the 12pm collision, Merseyrail warned passengers that services between Rock Ferry and Birkenhead Central were facing delays "due to a vehicle striking a bridge".

The roof was seen lying on the road and the bus was towed away following the crash.

No injuries were reported and a Merseyrail spokesperson told the Liverpool Echo: "The bus was empty at the time."

Last year, the roof of a double decker bus was ripped off when it crashed into a railway bridge in Hampshire - the second such incident at the same bridge in five months.

The collision severed the entire top section as the bus tried to travel underneath the tracks near Portchester Railway Station.

An identical incident happened in September 2012 when another double decker, owned by the same company, crashed into the bridge.

Like the last incident, the driver was the only person on board at the time as the bus was out of service. The 45-year-old was treated for shock at the scene.

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