Mystery of bright green cat at seaside resort solved

Bulgarian city of Varna has a strange green feline resident

Mystery of bright green cat at seaside resort

A bright green cat has been prowling around a Bulgarian seaside resort - leaving people wondering how he came to be that colour.

Initial thoughts were that the mystery moggy had been attacked by vandals in the city of Varna.

A Facebook group was even set up in a bid to catch the perpetrators.

But, according to the Independent, it has now emerged that the feline has been sleeping on top of an abandoned pile of synthetic green paint in a garage.

Mystery of bright green cat at seaside resort

It is believed that over time the paint has covered the entire cat, leaving it its vibrant emerald colour.

According to the Mirror, the theory has been backed up by the fact the cat is getting greener by the day.

The paper adds that the RSPCA has warned that painting animals for cosmetic reasons can have "potentially fatal consequences".

Back in July, holidaymakers in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, saved a seagull after yobs painted it bright yellow.

The animal was seen struggling to fly by the lifeboat station in the holiday town, and concerned tourists alerted Scarborough Sea Life Centre.

The RSCPA was sent to investigate, and said that although the bird could fly short distances, it would have inevitably died as a result of the damage to its plumage.

World's strangest animals

World's strangest animals

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