Donkey used in road safety campaign killed by car

Six-month-old donkey that starred in Hampshire road safety campaign killed

Donkey used in road safety campaign killed by car

A young donkey that featured in a road safety campaign has been killed by a car.

Six-month-old Jo-Jo starred in Brockenhurst College's Drive Safe event three months ago to highlight the large number of animals killed on New Forest roads every year.

However, after helping to educate motorists on driving more safely in the area, Jo-Jo has become a casualty herself after being knocked down in Sway, Brockenhurst.

According to ITV News, Robert Byford, Jo-Jo's owner, said: "We are devastated. It's happened to us before and it will happen to us again. People should slow down - they see animals on the road but don't think they will ever really hit them."

Dr Graham Ferris, Chairman Commoner's Defence Association, said: "We are very concerned about road accidents. We are trying to encourage drivers to drive at speeds appropriate to the conditions."

According to the BBC, a petition has now been set up calling for a reduction of the speed limit in the area, which is famous for its animals roaming free.

The site adds that in 2013, there were 182 collisions involving livestock in the national park, resulting in 72 animal deaths.

Aide Callaghan and Fiona MacDuff organised the petition, and Miss MacDuff said the foal's mother, Doll, had to be chased away from the scene where Jo-Jo died.

The little donkey was something of a celebrity in the area because of her snow-white coat and the fact she was born in the middle of the road.

In fact, a Hampshire Constabulary spokeswoman described Jo-Jo as a "local celebrity".

She said the foal's death had been a "tragic accident", but that no offence had been committed.

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