Tom Cruise almost hit by London bus (pictures)

Actor steps out in front of bus in Picadilly Circus

Tom Cruise almost hit by London bus (pictures)

He successfully carries out nearly all of his own hair-raising stunts - but it looks like Tom Cruise might need a lesson in the simple art of crossing the road as he was nearly taken out by a London bus.

The actor stepped out in front of the bus while crossing the road in Picadilly Circus, reports Digital Spy.

The driver honks his horn and a startled Cruise immediately steps back onto the pavement.

The A-lister is in London to film Mission: Impossible 5, and it's not clear whether he was just enjoying London or filming scenes for the new movie when the incident occurred.

Cruise is reprising his role as secret agent Ethan Hunt in the film, which is due to be released in December 2015, according to ITV News.

Christopher McQuarrie is directing the film, and Jeremy Renner and Alec Baldwin are co-starring.

Last month, Cruise was spotted in Cambridgeshire carrying out what's been called his most dangerous stunt yet, hanging from a huge Airbus A400M Atlas military transporter aircraft while flying 5,000 feet in the sky above RAF Wittering near Peterborough.

At the time, a Marriott Hotel worker was left red-faced after failing to recognise the star and asking him if he had a loyalty card.

The actor, 52, was staying at the hotel in Peterborough while filming the stunt and had checked in using the name Operation Fromage, after nearby village Stilton.

A source told The Sun: "Tom took it in good jest, but given the security operation to keep his and Simon's stay under wraps it was funny no one seemed to bat an eyelid."

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