Wales' longest rail tunnel to reopen as tourist attraction

Volunteers want to dig out the Blaencwm Tunnel

Blaencwm, Blaen Rhondda, Rhondda Valley, Glamorgan, Wales, United Kingdom, Europe
The Blaencwm Tunnel in Wales could be dug out and re-opened as a tourist attraction.

The tunnel, which is the longest railway tunnel in Wales, was buried during the Beeching cutbacks of the UK railway network in the 1960s.

This led to the closure of thousands of train stations.

According to the BBC, volunteers are now drawing up plans to try and re-open the 3,017 metre tunnel in Rhonnda Cynon Taf.

The Rhondda Tunnel Soc joined Twitter on November 9th to spread the word about their plans to re-open the tunnel. Volunteers hope to receive funding to excavate the tunnel to attract tourists and create a cycle trail.

The group are hopeful that their plans will be successful.

Great railway journeys

Great railway journeys

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